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Hi my name is Tamaryn and I am the founder and creator here at Spirit Drum.

My relationship with the Drum started 22 years ago, when I was handed my first drum, and initiated into her warm embrace, sitting on a boulder in the middle of a raging river.  My journey into the unseen realms began many years before that, as a young child I could see spirits, commune with nature and see through the masks worn by my friends and family.  It was a confusing time, realizing early on that what i experienced was not the norm.  Meeting the drum was like reuniting with an old friend, the rhythms and knowing was held within the very essence of my cells and it was simply a remembering.  But I could never have imagined the journey  I would go on, the teachers I would encounter, the challenges I would face, the energy I would have to learn to master, and still am.  The drum and the amazing power of sound has been an intricate part of that journey and is still evolving to this day.  

It is an incredible honour to embody this medicine, to discover it and to journey with it.  I believe that one way to honour it, is to ensure that Spirit Meets Quality.  In order to work with all aspects that the drum has to offer, we must recognize that the drum is not just a physical tool for sound creation and resonance, but also holds a sentient energy, just like a crystal or any medicine tool.  To truly access the Power of the Drum, you must know your drum, who she is, what her energies are and how to work in harmony with her.  We also, however,  need a drum that works, that can access it's full potential because it is made well and tensioned well.  To access the healing resonance of the drum, you need a well made drum, that has been made in Sacred Connection and Creation.  This is what I offer and what I hope I can share with others.

Sacred Creations and Supplies


Year long  - Drum Medicine and Sacred Creation Training

In 2025/26 we are offering a Year-long Drum Medicine and Sacred Creation Training in NSW, encompassing an in-depth dive into working with the Spirit Drum and Rattle in a safe and powerful way.   This training will include working with these amazing instruments, for both yourself and in a therapy or healing capacity for others.  We will learn how to weave them through Sacred Creation, creating powerful and connected instruments that also play beautifully, while learning how to facilitate powerful transformation through the power of sound. 


The Drum is one of the most powerful instruments, it is beautiful in it's simplicity and yet the depth of its power is often overlooked and misunderstood.  If you feel drawn to the drum or work with the drum and want to embark of a journey of deep and embodied understanding and knowing, click below for more details.

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