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Personal Drum Practice

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This journey is for those wanting to connect deeply with the Medicine of the Healing Drum. We will journey together for 9 weeks as we learn about Drum Medicine. We will discover how to get the best sound out of our drums, explore different rhythms and sacred songs, learn to transmute emotions, ground and centre, release and step into our power as we journey with the drum around the medicine wheel. Through this journey we will learn embodied ways to transform chaos into harmony as we develop a relationship with these amazing healing tools. You will need a Medicine Drum and Beater for this course. This Journey is for anyone wanting to deepen their practice with their drum. What you will learn and embody: Drum Lore Foundations Introduction to Drumming Meeting the Spirit of your drum Learn to drum and sing at the same time Drumming for Emotional and Mental Health Meeting your Power Animal Learn Rhythms and Sacred Songs Rhythms vs Intuitive Drumming Grounding Practices Medicine Wheel Teachings Connect with the Spirit of the land Transmuting Emotions Fire Ceremony Bringing Harmony through Balance The course is delivered via pre-recorded video lessons, audio meditation/drum journey and PDF downloads each week. All material will be available on Monday of each week for you to work through at your own pace. Support will be available through a private online group and 2 live Zoom Q&A sessions which will be recorded.

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