Medicine Drum Making Workshops


Weekend Workshops


Making your own Medicine Drum is a great way to ensure that your drum is just what you need it to be.  And that you will journey well together.

We have weekend workshops where we take you through the process of connecting to the spirit of the tree and animal that offered of themselves so that you could make your sacred instrument.  On Saturday, we go through the deep process of weaving these 2 energies together to create a dance, so that both the tree and the animal may dance together as we weave the stories of our Earth Walk.   On the Sunday we create our beaters, awaken our drums through sacred ceremony, and discover some of the many ways that we can journey with our drums.  We learn to enter the lower, middle and upper worlds.   Discover power animals and retrieve information for another person.  We also discover how to use our drums as a sound healing tool and learn sacred songs that connect us to the great Mother Earth.

Saturday can be a long day, in order to create a sacred instrument the tree gives of itself, the animal gives of itself and we as the drum makers are required to give of ourselves, our energy and our presence.  

Making your own drum is a journey!  It will take you where you need to go in the making of it, just as it will when you play it and follow it's resonance.  It is important to surrender to the process and not let our minds get in the way.  

If you feel ready to embark on this journey, have a look at upcoming events on our Calendar Page, or fill in a request form for your area.  We look forward to holding space for you on this amazing journey!

Live in Weekend Retreats

We also offer full immersion weekend retreats, where you not only make your drum but also have the opportunity to merge with your drum and learn the different ways of using your drum.

Retreats usually begin on the Friday afternoon, where we arrive and settle in.  We begin with an opening circle where we call in the the 7 directions, setting up our intention for the weekend and get to know each other a little.  This is also the time that we select our hides and prepare for the drum making day that is to follow.

Saturday is a full day of ceremony and drum making, which includes the Drum Awakening ceremony which is the birth of your drum.

Sunday is all about the sound, the resonance and learning how you can journey with your drum.  This includes drum journeys, sound baths, drumming for healing and caring for your drum.  

This is a weekend full of sound, creation and connection!

If you are interested in attending or hosting a retreat, please click on the links below.