Drum Totem Energies

Each Drum is unique in their energy and totems.  Just like people, they each have their own personalities.  As people we are created by the DNA of both our mother and father as well as our environment and caregivers.  Drums are created by the tree that gave of the wood to form the hoop, and the animal that gave of it's skin to create the face.  Each energy in combination with the energies that come with the 4 directions and the Drum Maker, together form the personality of the drum.  No two drums are alike, they are all unique.  When we work with all the energies that have created them we gain a better understanding of who our drum is and what teachings it has to offer us.

Below you will find the energies of the physical drum elements.

We have 5 Wood options for the hoop, Willow, Ash, Mulberry, Oak and Rosewood.  Willow, Ash and Mulberry all offer beautiful energies and are included in workshop price.  Oak and Rosewood hoops are a little more expensive, however they are beautifully made and offer a variety of shapes and sizes.

We have 2 options for the skin of the drums, Kangaroo and Deer(Stag).  They both sound beautiful, with Kangaroo's song being a little higher in pitch and less effected by moisture, and Deer being a little deeper in tone but effected more by humidity and moisture.  Both options come in a variety of tones and colours, with both ranging from a light natural tone to dark grey.  Not all colours are always available and the drum intended usually pics the hide.

See below for more info about the various energies.

Sprouting willow tree with green leaves

Willow Tree

The Willow is associated with the moon, water and the goddess. She is the tree of dreaming, intuition and deep emotions. She belongs to the beginning of spring and the first stirrings of life after the winter, the shooting of the first leaves. When used in a drum, it helps with the release of emotions and assists us in expression.

Ash Tree

Ash is the world tree. It spans both the outer world of the universe and the inner world of ourselves.  Ash shows us that by knowing ourselves we will know the universe.  Ash brings us into connection with all that is.  It brings strength and endurance and can help unlock the door to inner wisdom and knowledge.

Image by Einar Storsul
Image by jules a.

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry is a tree of abundance, fulfilment, great happiness and longevity.

She provides an abundance of food and shelter and can produce fruit for centuries and as such is considered a tree of longevity and health.  She is a tree that encourages us to express our emotions and let our creative spirits take flight.

 Oak Tree

The Oak tree stands strong and steadfast, he is the guardian of the the gate between worlds, and holds the wisdom of the ages.

Oak encourages energy and assists with Manifestation.  He teaches us patience, and the passage of time, often times being the elders within the forest that hold the wisdom and teachings within them to be passed onto the next generation. 

Angle Oak Tree in Johns Island, South Ca
Old huge rosewood tree with reflection.

 Rosewood Tree

Rosewood tree symbolises kindness and a good heart.  It assists in harmonising both spiritual and mental bodies.  Rosewood brings in the sweetness of life and encourages an open and vibrant heart.  The red of rosewood sits at the core of the tree and as such rosewood assists us in getting to the heart of things.


Kangaroo brings extraordinarily strong warrior energy for all genders. This warrior energy brings strength, leadership and decisiveness in someone’s life, and aids self-empowerment. Kangaroo teaches us that we have all the qualities we require to be empowered even if we are lacking in support and nourishment from others. Kangaroo teaches us to assess obstacles

Kangaroo in Sunset in Sturt National Par

instinctively instead of staring at them endlessly. He assists in helping us be content with our role in the world and our community/family, making the most of it. We cannot create if we are constantly battling against our place. Kangaroo also teaches us endurance and timing, if it is not the time to birth something into the world, perhaps it is best to wait until the right time.  When all things are in alignment, then it is time to leap forward with full trust in yourself and the universe.

Stag Deer

Deer Bucks in summer sunset light standi

Deer is the totem of the heart chakra, it bring gentleness and the ability to move gracefully through life and obstacles. Deer has the ability to change directions quickly and the magical ability to regenerate. The Deer is known as the messenger, the Shaman that can cross the veil between worlds. The Stag represents the cycle between birth and rebirth, as he grows and drops and regrows his antlers. Stag is a way shower, a guide to the other world.

He shows us the way through the veil and guides us through the unseen world. The amount of points on his antlers suggest the size of the orb he can carry, his orb is his world. The orb can be seen as a portal into other lands. He is our connection to the mysteries. Stag is a solitary creature for most of the year, but with his antlers comes his need to share. He encourages natural progression, stability and patience. He is the way shower, protector and helper. He also challenges us to find the truth in what we seek.