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Energy Medicine of the Spirit Drum and Sacred Sound - Level 1

How deep is your connection to your Spirit Drum and the Healing capacity of Sound?

The humble drum is such a profound healing tool, that it is easy to think that it's healing and balancing capacity may be limited to the feeling grounded, present and calm or expanded and uplifted after a session of drumming.

Others may work with the drum in a Shamanic way, as they journey with the drum to access wisdom, and believe this to be the pinnacle of drum medicine.

On my journey with the drum for over 22 years, the drum has shown me that it's capacity to facilitate healing, connection and awakening to our own true nature, is only limited to our own imaginations and willingness to explore and listen deeply to what the drum has to teach us. 

Along the way I have learnt a whole lot of what not to do, and how to work with this powerful tool in a safe and connected way.  

I believe that we have only just begun to comprehend the healing capacity of sound, and the access to higher states of consciousness that working with a Spirit Drum offers, come explore with me!


Level 1 is for you if you:

  • Have a Spirit Drum

  • Want to embrace the healing power of Sound.

  • Discover how to access the healing power of the Spirit Drum.

  • Build confidence to play your drum and express through sound.

  • Create your own double sided beater in a Sacred Way.

  • Connect with others on the same journey.

  • Deepen your connection and relationship with your drum
  • Embrace the healing power of the drum and rattle
  • Understand how to utilize the power of sound for manifesting and healing
  • Want to enhance your current offerings with the drum, rattle and sound
  • Become a Facilitator of Drum Medicine and Healing Drum Workshops
Level 1 - Spirit Drum Foundation in Energy Medicine


This level will introduce you to a range of concepts and skills needed for working with the Spirit Drum and Rattle in a safe and purposeful way.  We will explore the power of Sound and the different layers of sound healing, as we redefine our relationship to sound and learn how to access sound as a powerful tool for creation and transformation.  We’ll delve into the Energy Medicine of the Spirit Drum and Rattle, and develop practices to maintain your own energy and while fine tuning your intuition and spiritual senses. 

Covered in level 1:

Drum as Teacher

Healthy Energy Boundaries

Foundations for  working with a Spirit Drum and Rattle

Layers of Sound Healing

Sacred Instruments and Creation

Energy Medicine of the Drum

Energy Medicine of the Rattle

Access your Innate Rhythm and Sound

Sound and It’s Power

Relationship with your Medicine Tools

Energy Senses and attuning to energies

Medicine Wheel

Practical Drum Exercises for Self Care, healing and connection

Craft your unique double sided drum beater

Level 1 and 2 are recommended for anyone who works with a Spirit Drum, in either a personal or professional capacity.  These levels will ensure you have a solid comprehension of what the Spirit Drum and Rattle are doing on an energetic level, enhance your perception sense, and give you a huge range of practical exercises and experiences to help you work in the most profound way with your Medicine Tools.


Level 1 is run as a 5 day in-person intensive, followed by 8 weeks online integration.

Upcoming Location and Dates:

Ourimbah, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

24th-28th February 2025

9am-4pm daily

Maleny, QLD, Australia

Date: TBC

Tamaryn will help guide you to deeper connection to your drum and her medicine.  She will help you activate your own unique way of connecting and communicating with your Spirit Drum and Rattles so you can receive personal, relevant guidance and healing that is specific to your life and unique situation.
What you Receive:
  • 5 day in-person intensive
  • 8 x 90min live online integration sessions
  • A Private session with Tamaryn to integrate and expand
  • Free Access to "Attune to your drum Masterclass" online course
  • Comprehensive Manuals and Workbooks
  • Deep dive into the power of Sound, the Spirit Drum and Rattle
  • Connect with others on the same journey
  • Be held in a safe space, to explore your journey with Sound
  • Explore new layers of knowledge around Sound and how it works
  • Teacher with 22 years of experience working with and making Spirit Drums and Rattles
  • Private online group for connecting with each other
  • Double sided drum beater
  • Embody a practice for personal health and well-being
tesimonial pic - nadia.png

Nadia M. Murwilumbah

" I have just spent the most wonderful weekend making a Medicine Drum with Tamaryn.  She is a master drum maker, and a very patient and nurturing teacher.  I love the venue, the nourishing food, the beautiful participants, and the journey of creating my drum - from choosing my hide and hoop, stringing and weaving, and then the awakening ceremony.  I felt like I was in safe hands the whole time and I couldn't be happier with my creation.  Thank you Tamaryn - Can't wait to do it again."
tesimonial pic - alexanra.png

Alexandra Sköld, Sydney

“I had waited quite a while for the right drum making event, and as soon as I got there, I understood I was in the right place. This was so much more than just creating medicine instruments.   Tamaryn is a very skilled teacher, with so much wisdom. The entire weekend felt like a sacred ceremony, a journey of self-discovery and healing. I found myself delving into parts of myself and my journey that were ready to be healed as I was birthing my drum and rattle. It was a weekend filled with laughter, tears, community, creativity, and profound moments of connection. As I was creating my drum and rattle, I felt deeply connected to the land, spirit, and my own innate power. I am forever grateful for the experience and the healing and magic my instruments have brought to me since. If you have been looking for a drum making event, this is it”

Leith James

Australian Sound Healers Associatio

"It's with genuine appreciation that we commend Tamaryn from Spirit Drum for her remarkable dedication and commitment.  The depth of knowledge and wisdom she brought to our Sound Therapy training, especially for the drumming therapy module, was invaluable.  Thanks to her, our student have been equipped with practical insights and techniques that will undoubtedly empower them to confidently serve the public in the future. 
What stood out the most was her adeptness in teaching the students how to effectively use the drum in both one-on-one sessions and group settings, not to mention her integration of voice techniques.  We are eagerly anticipating her return for our next student intake.  Thank you Tamaryn for making a lasting impact."

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the course delivered?
The course is delivered as 5 day in-person intensive from 9am - 4pm each day.
We then continue for 8 weeks, with 90min live online sessions for integration.
Individual sessions are done via Zoom.
You will also have access to an online portal via my website, with exercises and practices for the weeks.
There is also a private online group, to connect and share.

Do I need to have previous drumming experience?
No, not at all, I will cover all the foundations, and will be exploring topics that are not often covered in other drum groups.  Everyone is welcome with as much or as little experience as you have, the teaching will be adjusted depending on participant experience.

Do I need to have a drum?
Yes you will need a drum.  We will make a set of rattles as part of the course.  If you do not currently have a drum, you can either attend a drum making workshop, or purchase a drum.  If you would like to discuss, please send me an email.

What kind of drum do I need?
Ideally a hand/hoop/medicine/spirit drum, however if you work with a frame or other style of drum, please contact me to discuss.  I have some frame drum experience, however I am not an expert in frame drumming, however the principles and exercises can apply to any kind of drum.

Do I need anything else for the course?
A willing heart and mind, water bottle, journal or notebook is recommended, a drum and beater.

Where is the course being held?
I run the course at various locations, however at this time, I am running it on the Central Coast, NSW, and the Melany, Qld.  Exact locations sent on sign up.

What makes your course unique?
This course is all about the Spirit Drum, Rattle, Power of Sound and Energy Medicine.  This is a deep dive into really knowing the drum and it's medicine.  Many courses offer the drum merely as an adjudicative, a tool to be used for other purposes.  In this course we will explore and embody the essence of the Drum, and all the different ways you can work with her.  From Rhythm and song, to the Power of Sound, and all it's layers, to Shamanic Journeying to access inner wisdom and the field, to practical, simple exercises to foster wellness and balance.  We dive deep into how the drum and rattle works on an Energetic level, so you can be empowered by really knowing how this incredible and Sacred instruments work.

What if I am coming from out of town?
If you are coming from out of town, you will need to arrange your own accommodation and food.  Some venues have options for BYO camping or for an extra fee, there may be bell tent accommodation, info will be sent out for different locations once you have signed up.  I run the workshops from 9am-4pm for 5 days to keep the course affordable.  Some venues have camping options, however you will need to bring your own gear and manage your own food.
I just drum for me, is this the right course for me?

Absolutely, level 1 and 2 are the foundations for everyone.  I recommend level 1 and 2 for anyone who has a Spirit Drum and wants to become proficient in working with the Spirit Drum and Rattle for personal health, wellness and healing.

I am a therapist or facilitator, is this the right course for me?
This is the perfect place to start.  Level 1 and 2 are the foundation courses for my more advance courses for therapists and facilitators.  These levels are per-requisites for level 3 and up.  Level 3 is for Therapists and Sound Healers who want to integrate the Spirit Drum and Rattle into their healing practice.  Level 4 is for those who would like to learn qualify to teach and facilitate the Healing power of the Spirit Drum Workshop Series.  Level 5 is for those who want to become a complete master Spirit Drum Maker and facilitator of drum making workshops.
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