Personal Journey

These journeys are for individuals that would like to deepen their understanding of the Medicine Drum, and how they can build a personal relationship with their drum and drumming practice.  

These courses include:

(but are not limited to)

Getting the best sound from your drum

How to play your drum

Developing a Relationship with your drum

Incorporating drumming practice into your everyday life

Learn different rhythms and beats

How to drum and sing at the same time

Drum lore

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Mantra Drumming

Drumming and Chanting

Experience the incredible transformation that the Medicine Drum can bring.  Build your confidence with the drum and discover the Magic it has to offer.

A traditional slavic shaman girl beating the drum, evoking the spirits of nature in a love
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Drum Lore Keepers
Facilitator & Apprenticeship 

Do you feel a deep connection to the Drum, and feel called to be a holder of Drum Medicine?


Do you feel called to be a holder of Drum Lore?  These courses are for those that feel called to hold space for others and who are willing to dive deep into their understanding and knowing of the Drum and the Medicine she has to offer.

The pathways that follow have been divided into 2 areas of learning.

1.  Facilitators - for those wishing to hold drum circles, or integrate drumming into their current offerings.  These workshops are focused on holding space, learning rhythms, drumming practices, includes voice and song, and allows you to work at your own pace as you are ready to integrate each stage.

2.  Drum Makers - for those wishing to learn to make amazing drums, and facilitate others to birth their own drums.  This is done in more of an Apprenticeship style, ensuring that each person that embarks on the journey, has a true and deep understanding of the craft and how to make amazingly beautiful, powerful and musical drums.


Both pathways will include a combination of In-person and Online components.  The drum is an incredibly embodied experience, as such the learning is best done in person.  Some aspects can be done online, as well as practice and exploration at home, but the true power comes when we come together, sit on land together and experience the Resonance as one.

Please note that I keep groups small to ensure well trained students.  For Apprenticeship programs I can only take on so many at a time, therefore it will depend on available spots, as well as alignment with our paths.

Please note that this is a selective process, apprentices will be selected through a careful process of interviews and spirit work. This is not a course of study it is a calling.  


For more information on the current programs being offered, please click on the link below.