9 Week Drum and Song Journey

Join me on this journey, as we get to know our drums, connecting more deeply with them, as we learn to play and sing, which embarking on a personal journey of discovery and growth.

We will learn:

How to Tune your Drum

How to play your drum, including different rhythms and beats

How to drum and sing at the same time

Embody 6 Medicine Songs

Mantra Drumming

Drumming and Chanting

Foundation principles of Drum Lore

Get the best sound from your drum

 Discover the Sacred Wheel of life and how it can support you to find balance and harmony within.  

Learn Power songs, Healing songs, Celebration songs, Visionary songs, Earth songs, Sky songs and so much more.

Experience the incredible transformation that the Medicine Drum can bring.  Build your confidence with the drum and discover the Magic it has to offer.

A traditional slavic shaman girl beating the drum, evoking the spirits of nature in a love

Drum Lore Keepers

Do you feel a deep connection to the Drum, and feel called to be a holder of Drum Medicine?


I have been called to create a network of Drum Keepers in Australia.  Those Individuals that have the Medicine of the Drum running through them, from lifetimes past.  I am seeking 8 Core Drum Keepers that know within every cell of their being that this is their medicine and that they have come here to share it with others.  


The Apprenticeship program is a fully comprehensive immersion into Drum Medicine, it includes learning to craft drums of all types and using different techniques.  It includes facilitation, so that you can hold others through a variety of workshops and processes.  It also includes the creation of your own mother/facilitator drum.  


The program begins with laying the foundations and then each individual's program will be tailored to their own callings and unique talents.


Please note that this is a selective process, apprentices will be selected through a careful process of interviews and spirit work.  This is not a course of study it is a calling.  

This comprehensive 3 year program, includes both face to face retreats and online components.


Once you have completed your Apprenticeship you will be Competent and Confidant to step out into the world to share the Drums true Magic, with deep understanding and vast experience.


Click below for a detailed outline of our program. 

24_ mother drum copy.jpg