To bring about Connection between People, Nature and the Spirit Realm.  

Ceremony is something that helps us stop, take a breathe and reconnect with ourselves.  Be it a cup of tea, lighting a candle, yoga or meditation, it brings us back into alignment with ourselves.  

Sound is an amazing tool, it is the vibration of life.  We hear it with our entire bodies as a movement/vibration and it effects us in amazing ways.  

Drums have always drawn me to them.  I love the beat, the rhythm, and the way they can transport you to different parts of your being.  When you let go and allow yourself to flow with the sound, the veil between spirit world and physical world lifts and the world and our experience of it becomes truely magical.  

My Vision is to connect people to nature and the spirit realm through the creation of Sacred Objects and Sacred Practice.

I creating these objects in Ceremony and with Intention, to facilitate the awakening of each individual to the true essence of themselves.

I have been making drums for over 13 years, firstly African Djembe's and then Hoop Drums.  No matter what drum, instrument or object you create, bringing purpose and focused intention to it is what turns an average instrument into a Sacred instrument and a healing tool.  

In honouring what has come before, the tree and the animal, and honouring what is to come (the intention) we can transform these energies and the lessons they can teach us into an amazing healing tool that can assist us in our journey.

I have a great love of Animal Totems, they have journey's with me over the years, with a lot to teach.  I always work in ceremony and with intention.  I hope to bring my unique experience and essence into everything I create.  I love creating sacred tools for people, calling in their energy, guides and totems, in this way the items are tuned into them specifically, to assist on their own unique journey.

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