To bring about Connection between People, Nature and the Spirit Realm.  

Ceremony is something that helps us stop, take a breathe and reconnect with ourselves.  Be it a cup of tea, lighting a candle, yoga or meditation, it brings us back into alignment with ourselves.  

Sound is an amazing tool, it is the vibration of life.  We hear it with our entire bodies as a movement and it effects us in amazing ways.  

Drums represent the first sound of life.  We hear it in our mother's tummy for 9 months before we take our first breathe.  Drums are Universal, almost every culture in the world has created some form of a drum, be it hide over hoop or a hollow log, the drum beat is at the beginning of our creation.  

I have always been drawn to the Drum.  Drum s have the potential to help us release emotion, ground us, connect us and uplift us.  They are a powerful therapeutic tool that connect us beyond, culture, colour, language or beliefs.   I love the beat, the rhythm, and the way they can transport you to different parts of your being.  When you let go and allow yourself to flow with the sound, the veil between spirit world and physical world lifts and the world and our experience of it becomes truely magical.  

My Vision is to connect people to nature and this land.  Connecting us to the spirit realm through the creation of Sacred Objects and Sacred Practice.  


I see Uluru at the Centre, with the song lines spreading out to the Ocean in all directions.

There  are many sitting on the Earth around Uluru, connected to the energy of this great land.  

Around Australia there are drum keepers, who hold the lore of the drum sacred, who know the medicine and hold space for their communities.  

The Resonance spreads out across the land.......healing.......loving........connecting........

a part of ushering in the New Age.

I creating these objects in Ceremony and with Intention, to facilitate the awakening of each individual to the true essence of themselves. Each element in the creation is honoured, cleared and drawn together to create each Sacred creation.  

All my supplies are sources from ethical sources, most of my feathers and wings I find on my travels, the rest of acquire from trusted friends.  I work with small family businesses who hold their work sacred and honour and respect the animal and plant kingdoms.

In saying that I am aware that there is no perfect situation, and the only thing you can guarantee is that which you have done with your own hands.  As we are a community and rely on each other, that which I cannot do myself I source from the most ethical places available and ensure that I clear any residual energy and honour and respect the beings that have graced us with their lives and contributed to my creations.  

In honouring what has come before, the tree and the animal, and honouring what is to come (the intention) we can transform these energies and the lessons they can teach us into an amazing healing tool that can assist us in our journey.

My Story:

I grew up in South Africa, always wanting to drum, but it was not to be, until after I had immigrated to Ireland and found myself in Texas of all places for a 2 week holiday, where I met a kindred soul who handed me my first Drum.  I never looked back, it was my medicine, the drum spoke to me, the Rhythms came easily and it so much a part of me that it was not seperate from me.  I then Immigrated to Australia at 17 years of age.  I finished school and continued to drum.  I loved to sing but as most people I had wounding around my voice, this was a journey of trust and sheer bull-headedness to not care what others thought, and the more I sang the more my voice opened up and the more I realised that singing was not about "what I sounded like" and was more about "how I felt when I sang", how it connected me to the Sacredness of life.  I then went on to study Art and Transpersonal Art Therapy and Kinesiology and began teaching kids to discover their own Rhythm and drumming for healing workshops.  As a result I needed more drums, and so I began making them.  Within the first Month I made 10 djembe's and was well on my way to understanding this amazing art form.  I soon discovered that the adults craved drumming more than the kids, and so I started my first "Discover your Inner Rhythm" weekly sessions, where we learnt to listen within and find that innate rhythm within us all.   I then made my first Medicine/hoop drum and I fell in love.  This was different work, it wasn't as Yang as the Djembe, it had a quieter more feminine touch, although no less powerful.  My Art Therapy had been based on Shamanic Practices, and I was no stranger to the esoteric, having being brought up with a very alternative family.  I have also had the great honour of many Wise teachers along the way that life has presented to me, teachers who lived and learnt with tribe in the North America's, who have guided me through my Shamanic Practice and learnings, and that still do to this day.  

I have been a Drummer and Drum maker now for the last 17 years.  It is my passion, my love, it is an intricate part of who I am.  I have been so blessed to have had a rich and diverse life, with so many amazing tools and teachings to get me through the tough times and to bring a great depth and meaning to my life. I have been gifted with an amazingly supportive partner and 3 gorgeous children, and so I continue my journey around the Wheel.