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12" Willow and Deer and Crystal Ocean Drum


Indian Agate and Golden Silk Jade


This size Ocean drum is great for personal use or for 1-on1 sessions with clients.  The gentle rolling sounds of the Ocean can assist in relaxing, and shifting stuck energy.  Breaking up stagnant energy while holding a beautiful flow, offering holding and support as energy shifts.  They are also great for sealing Aura's and energy after soul retrieval or other energy work.


Hoop - Willow with Deer, offering a calming soothing sound.


She is a good size for travel and offers  a great gentle sound range.  She is filled with various crystals or different sizes, offering a great range of sounds, allowing her to sound very natural, mimicking the sound of the Ocean.


Physical energies:


Willow Energy:

The Willow is associated with the moon, water and the goddess. She is the tree of dreaming, intuition and deep emotions. She belongs to the beginning of spring and the first stirrings of life after the winter, the shooting of the first leaves. When used in a drum, it helps with the release of emotions and assists us in expression.

Deer Energy:

Deer is the totem of the heart chakra, it bring gentleness and the ability to move gracefully through life and obstacles. Deer has the ability to change directions quickly and the magical ability to regenerate. The Deer is known as the messenger, the Shaman that can cross the veil between worlds. The Stag represents the cycle between birth and rebirth, as he grows and drops and regrows his antlers. Stag is a way shower, a guide to the other world. 

He shows us the way through the veil and guides us through the unseen world. The amount of points on his antlers suggest the size of the orb he can carry, his orb is his world. The orb can be seen as a portal into other lands. He is our connection to the mysteries. Stag is a solitary creature for most of the year, but with his antlers comes his need to share. He encourages natural progression, stability and patience. He is the way shower, protector and helper. He also challenges us to find the truth in what we seek.



Indian Agate, Golden Silk Jade.


Indian Agate:

Indian Agate is known for calming and relaxing the mind of those who wears it. It is also use to strengthen the body's connection to Earth. Meditating with this stone aids in the transformation of negative energy in our bodies into positive waves, resulting in peace and harmony.

Golden Silk Jade:

Known as the stone of wisdom, Golden Silk Jade is attuned to the solar plexus, which is associated with our personal power and sense of identity. This gemstone is believed to have many beneficial properties, including the ability to bring joy, reduce anxiety, and increase self-confidence.

One of the most notable benefits of Golden Silk Jade is its ability to help us learn from past experiences.


During the creation of all drums, the energy of the person that will journey with the drum is called in. If you feel drawn to this drum, trust yourself you will know which drum is yours.


All drums undergo a traditional awakening ceremony!  The ceremony breathes life into the drum, it is also offered to Mama Earth and Great Spirit as a tool for healing and connection to the energy that flows through us all.


12.5" OceanDrum - Natural

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  • Hoop drums are made with care and love.  Please take care of them.

    It is important to keep them safe, DO NOT place them on anything sharp or rocky ground face down.  Always set them down Face up.

    Hoop drums need to be heated to play.  This can be done by placing them in the sun for a short while, please keep an eye on them, it is not good to leave them in the sun or hot car for long periods of time.  This will reduce the life of the drum adn can cause drums to split.


    Over time your drum can loose the oils in the skin.  If you notice that your drum looks a little dry and white areas are appearing, please place a small amount of light coloured olive oil in your hands and give your drum a gentle moisturising.  


    We offer a variety of drum covers and bags.

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