12" Deer and Ash Lizard Drum

12" Deer and Ash Lizard Drum


This beauty is a 12" Ash and Deer Medicine Drum with one of a kind henna design.


This is a great little drum for travel, or for a child.  

She is made from Ash tree hoop with Deer hide.  She is made using a donut hand hold at the back with a 4 directions weave, decorated with feathers and comes with a leather beater with leather grip handle.


Please note that smaller drums like the 12" are best suited to people with smaller hands or to children.  People with larger hands will block alot of the sound that comes out of the back of the drum, and your sound will be muted.


Her Energy:

Lizard energy is one of flow.  Letting go of things that are outgrown or hold you back, knowing that you have everything within you to regenerate and create what you need.  Just as the lizard may loose is tail in battle, it releases it to ensure it's survival and trust that it has the ability to regrow that part of itself once more.  Lizard reminds us that we have the strength within us to let go of something we didn't think we could live without, and that we will become whole once again.



During the creation of all drums, the energy of the person that will journey with the drum is called in. If you feel drawn to this drum, trust yourself you will know which drum is yours.


All drums undergo a traditional awakening ceremony!  The ceremony breathes life into the drum, it is also offered to Mama Earth and Great Spirit as a tool for healing a