12" Willow and Kangaroo Hummingbird Drum

12" Willow and Kangaroo Hummingbird Drum


This beautiful 12" Willow and Kangaroo Medicine Drum with one of a kind painted design.


This is a great little drum for travel, or for a child.  

She is made from Willow tree hoop with Kangaroo hide.  She is made using a donut hand hold at the back with a spiral blue and green weave,  and comes with a leather beater with leather grip handle.


Please note that smaller drums like the 12" are best suited to people with smaller hands or to children.  People with larger hands will block alot of the sound that comes out of the back of the drum, and your sound will be muted.


Her Energy:

Hummingbird brings our attention to the sweetness of life.  She reminds us of the beauty and abundance and encourages us to keep a lightness of heart.  For such a small bird the hummingbird can travel great distances and even fly backwards, which teaches us that even the most unlikely person can achieve great things and enjoy the abundance that life has to offer.  

She asks us to tap into our inner child and find the joy and playfulness in the most arduous of tasks. She also reminds us that all is held within the seed.  The entire blueprint of a plant is held within one tiny seed, our map is within us, we need only tune in.



During the creation of all drums, the energy of the person that will journey with the drum is called in. If you feel drawn to this drum, trust yourself you will know which drum is yours.


All drums undergo a traditional awakening ceremony!  The ceremony breathes life into the drum, it is also offered to Mama Earth and Great Spirit as a tool for healing and connection to the energy that flows through us all.


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  • Care Instructions

    Hoop drums are made with care and love.  Please take care of them.

    It is important to keep them safe, DO NOT place them on anything sharp or rocky ground face down.  Always set them down Face up.

    Hoop drums need to be heated to play.  This can be done by placing them in the sun for a short while, please keep an eye on them, it is not good to leave them in the sun or hot car for long periods of time.  This will reduce the life of the drum adn can cause drums to split.


    Over time your drum can loose the oils in the skin.  If you notice that your drum looks a little dry and white areas are appearing, please place a small amount of light coloured olive oil in your hands and give your drum a gentle moisturising.  


    We offer a variety of drum covers and bags.

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