16" Willow and Roo Black Pantha Drum

16" Willow and Roo Black Pantha Drum


16" Willow and Roo Medicine Drum.


This drum guides you inwards.

He is made from a Willow hoop with Roo hide and has a donut hand hold at the back with a copper lining and a Spiral weave.  It has 4 lapis lazuli crystals and comes with a suede leather  beater.


This is a great all-rounder drum, can be played for hours and has a beautiful base for sound healing.


His Energy:


Black Jaguar came through strongly.  He encourages you to explore the unknown, diving into the depths of your being and discover the treasure that awaits you there.  


During the creation of all drums, the energy of the person that will journey with the drum is called in. If you feel drawn to this drum, trust yourself you will know which drum is yours.


All drums undergo a traditional awakening ceremony!  The ceremony breathes life into the drum, it is also offered to Mama Earth and Great Spirit as a tool for healing and connection to the energy that flows through us all.