Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork


Would you like a custom artwork for your drum?


If you would like me to adorn a drum you already have or would like to add an artwork to a custom drum you have a few options.


I can work in both henna or acrylic paint, both have their benefits.


Henna offers fewer colours but will be dyed into the skin of your drum.  This will last a lifetime.


Acrylic paint, offers more colours as well as lighter colours on darker skins.  With proper care your artwork will last a life time, however there is a risk of the artwork getting damaged if it gets scraped.  Beating on your artwork with your beater will not damage or fade it.


When I adorn drums, I prefer to be allowed the space to sit with the drum and see what comes through.  If you have a specific image in mind I am happy to do that. Please note that it is sometimes hard to convey exactly what you are after.  If you can obtain images or a sketch that can guide me then we can work together to make your vision a reality.


Small artwork:  Small/simple symbol in 1 or 2 colours, around the size of your palm.

Medium artwork: Size of your hand, not too detailed

Large artwork: Is closer to the size of the drum, and can be more detailed

Full Drum:  Refers to a full drum and is more detailed offers more colours.


Henna and paint can be used together.  Henna can dye in the darker brown colours and the paint can highlight the design.  


Please see pics for examples.


If you are unsure what size please drop me an email.


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