Custom made Drum

Custom made Drum


Would you like a drum made just for you?  I can customize your drum to suite your needs and energies.  

Each drum is created for the person, and has unique totems and energies that come through.  

Drums can be 12"- 24" Round or 3 sized in egg shape.  Kangaroo or Deer hide.  

14", 16", 18" Round and 14x18" and 16x20" egg shape are readily available the other sized will need to be ordered and will have a longer production time.  


Resonator drums are also available, both round and egg shaped.


If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. 


Custom artworks are also availble using henna or acrylic paint.  


Small design: $60

Medium design:  $95

Large Design: $140

Full Drum: $190


Artwork can be purchased by adding the "Custom Art" item to your cart.


Your Trail:  this refers to where you live and journey alot.  What kind of weather do you have?  Hot and dry or humid or cold.  This is important for me to know to ensure that I tension your drum appropriately.  So please let me know along with your intention.



To view Tree energies of the different types of wood please visit:


If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please drop me an email.


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