Double Sided Beater - Made to Order

Double Sided Beater - Made to Order


If you would like a different colour combo that what we currently have in stock, you can order your hears desire.


The double sided beater allows you to have a loud strong sound with both top notes and base note when played on the suede side and allows for softer base beats when played on the fur side. This give you great versitilty for playing in both small and large spaces.


Suede Colours:  Blue, Dark Green, Blood Red, or Tan

Fur Colours:  White, Black/Dark Brown, Light brown/grey, Light Grey and mottled.  


Optional Feather add-on at the bottom of the beater is also an option.


Please note that becasue these are a natural product, colours and furs vary, you will get a unique beater, the pictures are just for examples.


Please allow a 1-2 week making time before your item is posted.  In peak times this may be longer, I will let you know if this is the case.  If you have a time limit, please let me know and I will do my best to meet it.


Hand crafted and designs by Tamaryn @ Spirit Drum