Medicine Drum Making Kits

Medicine Drum Making Kits


Do you feel drawn to craft your own drum, but can't get to a workshop?  

This kit offers you the opportunity to craft your own drum in your home with detailed instructions.


Get everything you need to make a beautiful drum, includiing instructions.


Choose from Kangaroo or Deer hide with a 14", 16" or 18" hoop.  Immitation sinew included.

Choose from Ash, Willow or Rosewood hoops. 


Whats in the Kit:  

Wooden hoop

Hide pre-cut and punched

Brainded Cord for stringing


Wooden Bead for centre handle

Immitation sinew for Weaving



What you will need:  

Water for soaking


Old Towels

Spray Bottle with Water


Feathers  and Crystal are not included!


Please note:  Hides vary in colour and thickness.  All hides are checked to make sure there are no holes or potential tear spots.  Your hide will be selected with thought and presence and be sure you will get the hide that is right for you.  As will the hoops.  


Medicine drum making is an inner process.  It will test you, love you and take you on a journey.  Whatever you bring to your making is what will play out, so it is suggested that you cleanse yourself first and set clear intentions before drum making.  Enjoy the Journey!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!