Raw Hide Offcuts

Raw Hide Offcuts


Offcuts of Rawhide for craft projects.

Rawhide can be used to make rattles, for strapping, and a range of other craft.  


We have Deer, Grey Kangaroo and red Kangaroo.  


You will recieve 3 pieces of  Raw hide.

Each piece is approximately 20 x 25cm.


Deer varies in thickness and colour.

Grey kangaroo is generally thicker and dark grey in colour

Red Kangaroo is quite thin and can be patchy with white and Orange colours. 


See Pictures for examples.  


Please note that pictures are only representative, you will recieve randomly picked pieces, that may vary in colour and thickness.


If you have a prefered colour, please leave in comments box, we will do our best to match your preferences, however this many not always be possible.


You will need to soak it in water to soften it.