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In Many traditional cultures, herbs were burnt to cleanse people and spaces.

Burning these herbs helps clean and clear the energy field of stagnant and unwanted energies, while bringing in desired energies. And has also been found to kill 99% of airborn bacterias and viruses.


This is the Ultimate kit.  It comes in a beautiful kraft gift box with original artwork and magnet closing lid, which is perfect to store all your smudge essentials in.  

Inside you will discover an Large Australian Green Abalone shell with hand carved wooden cobra stand.  There is a bag of sand to put in your shell along with a hand crafted 2 feathers Smudge Fan from Cinnamon Turkey feathers.  You have a range of beautiful tradition smudging herbs, both Grandfather and Grandmother Sage, Palo Santo, Yerba Santa and a Sweetgrass Braid.


The Bonus:  There is a carfullly designed "Art of Cleansing with Smudge" booklet that walks you through the process of cleansing a person and a space like your home or office.  It includes smudge blessings and ceremonies as well as a detailed information on the different uses of the herbs.


You also have the option of adding an amaing Drishti candle to your kit.  They are all natural candles made using 100% essential oils, and last an amazingly long time of 40 hours while filling filling your space with beautiful aromas.


Whats in the kit:

1 x Gift box for storing all your smudge in

1 x Abalone Shell

1 x Wooden Tripod Stand

1 x Bag of sand

1 x Feather Smudge Fan

1 x White Sage

1 x Blue Sage

1 x Yerba Santa 

1 x Palo Santo Stick

1 x Mini Sweetgrass Braid

1 x "The Art of Cleansing with Smuge" booklet


Below is more info of the different Smudges and Candle aroma's.


Refills are also available.


Please note that the items in your kit are Natural and Handcrafted, as such there will be slight variations between the item pictured above and the one you recieve in your kit.  

Ultimate Cleansing Smudge Kit

$119.75 Regular Price
$89.80Sale Price
  • White or Grandfather Sage is a Powerful Protective Herb.

    This Sage is very powerful, it cleanses spaces and people, removing any unwanted energies. It also brings assists in focusing intention and purpose. This holy herb helps bring about clarity and promote healing.


    Blue or Grandmother Sage is a Powerful Purifying Herb.

    Blue Sage is used similarly to white sage used for cleansing and purification purposes, it provides spiritual strength and sometimes it is also used during exorcism rituals as well to remove the malevolent spirits.  It is less pungent, and its soothing scent and "cool" nature make it very helpful in rituals for healing and abundance. Since it tends to be relaxing and less overpowering than white sage in small spaces, it is also a good choice for cleansing and preparing meditation spaces.


    Yerba Santa is a fantastic smudging herb.

    It is linked to the Heart Chakra. It helps with protection and setting boundaries. It helps release emotional pain that may be stored in the heart chakra and encourages love, purification, growth, empowerment and beauty.


    Palo Santo is a protective herb.

    It is said to clear the negative energies and bring in the good energies. Palo Santo also graces your space with a fresh feeling of creativity.


    Sweetgrass is traditionaly harvested by the grandmothers and women sit in circle as they braid and share the wisdom of sweetgrass.

    As it's name suggests, Sweetgrass brings in the sweetness of life. It attacts good spirits and positive energies. It is suggested that you first burn White or Desert Sage as this brings in the protective factor first. Then Sweetgrass can bring in the sweetness into your life.


    This Sage is Grown in California and is Sustainably harvested in compliance with CA PC384(a)

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