Sacred Rattle Making 
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Rattles are the Spirit Callers, they are connected the East, the place of first light, of Fire, and of our Inner Warrior.  It is in the East that we discover our Power Songs and step more fully into the Divine beings that we are.
This incredible Online course, allows you to dive deeply into the creation of your own Spirit caller.

Rattles were often given to babies, to help call their spirits into their bodies.  
They can be used to shift energy with Sound healing or
Shamanic Work and can help us Embody our inner Strength.

At this time in history, it is more important than every to find our Power within, remember that we are powerful beings, ready to Stand Strong in love and connection and not be pushed around by outside forces.

Tamaryn is a Master Crafts Woman, she has been making Sacred Instruments for 17 years, and incorporates Deep Ceremonial Work that honours and respects each element, with her incredible designs and attention to detail, creating truly beautiful and unique pieces.
Through detailed video lessons, she will take you through the entire process, start to finish,
from ceremony to practical techniques.  

The course is self-paced, so if you need extra time to connect with your Tree Energy or Animal Energy, you have that opportunity.  You will also be taken through the very important Awakening Ceremony that breathes life into your Rattle.

Included in this incredible course is one our Unique Rattle Making Kits.  
Tamaryn's unique designs include 2 sided, 3 sided, 4 sided and 5 sided rattles
that allow you to choose the perfect rattle for you.

The course includes a Voucher for $69 towards your choice of Rattle Making Kit.  
This is the cost of our 3-sided Medium Rattle Kit.  All you pay is postage.  
However if you feel drawn to the different shape or size you are able to simply pay the difference.
To view our kits, click below:

Ready to dive into Birthing your Sacred Rattle?

Once you have purchased the course, you will be sent a coupon code  for your Rattle making Kit, that can be used in our online shop.
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