Ceremonial Tools


Sacred and Ceremonial tools are always a love of mine, and I enjoy creating these beauties as they take on a life of their own and no two are the same.

Have a look in the shop and gallery for examples.  I can create smudge fans, talking sticks, rattles, talismans, and dream catchers.  If you have any other ideas drop me an email as I am always open to creating new amazing creations.

I can use your own feathers, crystals or other special pieces of nature that have found their way to you, or I can source them for you.


Please note that when making a ceremonial items, they really do have a life of their own, they tell me what they wish to be.  They will hold the best energy and assist you in the most powerful way if they are allowed to become what they truely desire.  For this reason, they may vary slightly from your desires.  This is however the magic of what they offer you, just like when your child is born, you never quite know what they will look like or what gifts they will bring, but they will bring just the right ones.