Sound and Drum Journey Workshops


Positive Resonant Sound that Connects you to your Heart, Unwinds your Mind and allows your Body to fully Let Go!

Sound and Shamanic Drum Journey Workshops take you through a series of shamanic drumming processes.  We journey into the lower, middle and upper realms, we play hide and seek, we discover our power animals, we work on ancestral healing and we learn how to shift and restore energy using the powerful resonance of the Medicine Drum.  

During the day we also learn Sacred Gaia songs and how the vibration of singing can help shift energy.  We are treated to a beautiful sound bath which includes various instruments, including singing bowls, Guda drum, Medicine drum and other percussion instruments.

These circles help you explore some of the many ways that you can access information and wisdom, not only within yourself, but also within the realms of totem animals, guides/angles and the unseen realms of Earth.  It is truely wonderful to see how people's faces light up when they discover some of the possibilities of this work.

We run weekly 2 hour group sessions (drop ins are welcome) , as well as 1 day workshops.  If you are interested in learning more about this powerful process, and would like to have a workshop run in your area, please fill out the request form below.