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In Stillness we can hear, feel, know and see.
The answers to all our questions lie within our own being.
We do not need to look outside ourselves, to others.
We only need to learn to be still, listen and through experience, trust our own inner knowing.  
For it will never steer us wrong.


At Spirit Drum, we offer a range of Online Courses and In-person Apprenticeships.
We teach from the space that we have valuable knowledge to share, but that ultimately each Individual needs to listen within and trust what is right for them.  We are not here to create carbon copies of ourselves, but to encourage the Divine being that you are to shine and find your own path, that encompasses your own unique gifts and callings.  


Rattle Making 


This beautifully presented online workshop, guides you through the Sacred Process of creating your own Spirit Caller.

Guiding you through all the Sacred Connection Ceremonies as well as the Practical how to of making a unique and powerful rattle ally.

This workshop consists of Video lessons and audio guided meditations.

You will create a truely beautiful, unique and powerful rattle.

Unique rattle designs available and includes one of our Incredible Rattle Making Kits.

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Drum Lore Keepers Apprenticeship

13 In-person retreats + Online Modules

Do you feel a deep connection to the Drum?

Do you feel like you have been a drummer before, and want to share this medicine with everyone?

Drum Lore Keepers Training is a Comprehensive Journey, where you discover the incredible power of the Drum and how to work with it.

It includes learning to make drums so that you truely understand their Nature and how to help each drum sing their divine song.  

You will discover the many ways to work with the drum and how to facilitate drum and song circles, drum journey's, drum making workshops, individual and group healing, Land connection and healing and kids drumming.

Each apprenticeship is uniquely tailored to the Apprentice, their gifts, callings and goals.

At the end of your training you will have the tools, experience and confidence to share this Sacred medicine with the wider community.



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