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Discover the Healing Drum and Rattle

Embody the Healing Resonance of the Spirit Drum and Rattle.  Deepen your connection, access your intuition, discover your true essence and power as a creator being.  Discover how to live in beauty as you live life in a sacred and connected way.


Attune to your Drum masterclass

Often I hear people feeling disconnected from their drums, finding it hard to work with their drums, or for some they would simply like to deepen their connection with their Spirit Drums.  

This self-paced course, offers you the opportunity to really get to know your drum, meet the tree and animal spirit, discover your drum's unique purpose and transmute any trauma that your drum or the tree and animal spirit's may have experienced.  You will then explore your intention for working with a Spirit Drum and finally you will come into Symbiotic Resonance with your Spirit Drum so that you are working in harmony, together for the same outcome.

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The Sacred Creation Blueprint

Are you a creator?  Would you like to add a depth of Spirit to your Creations?  Do you want to craft your own Spirit Rattle?  This self-paced course guides you through the process of birthing a Spirit Rattle, including all practical processes, ceremonies and deepening practices.  This process can be applied to any art form or creation, to imbue your creation with more sacredness and connection.

A still life of the shamanic drum, Tibetan singing bowls and maracas on a background of fo

Integrating Drum and Rattle into your Healing Practice

Are you a therapist or sound healer and would like to integrate the healing drum and rattle into your practice?  Allow your clients to experience the healing resonance and shifting capacity of the Spirit Drum and Rattle.

Integrate the Drum and Rattle seamlessly into your current offerings and discover how to take your healing to the next level.

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