Welcome to Spirit Drum!  

My name is Tamaryn and I welcome you to a place of Creativity and Discovery.  I live in the beautiful Bellingen Shire, surrounded my flowing rivers, green fields and I work at a pace that is considerably slower than life in the cities.  I like the slow life, it allows me time to breathe, and connect into the unseen realms.  It allows me to discover and explore the world of spirit and gives me space to experience the Magic life has to offer.  

I am a creator, artist and facilitator. I  am passionate about Drum Medicine and Shamanic Practices, and it is my goal to not only make beautiful powerful instruments and tools, but to also help others learn how to navigate the unseen realms, discovering how we can find meaning and guidance as we navigate our Journey upon this Earth, our Earth Walk.

On this online platform you will find beautiful creations, powerful drums, sacred songs, ceremonial supplies and resources to help you.  Remember you are your own best Navigator, you have everything you need within you and your way is the best way for you.  There are 7.8 billion people on the Earth, each of us unique, each of us with different cultures and beliefs.  There is no one right way, so I encourage you to look within yourself, be empowered and trust that what resonates with you is right for you.  

This is a place for learning and empowering, for discovering ancient wisdom that has existed for eons.  Remember though that all things evolve, all things change with the needs and culture of the people that use them.  Evolution is part of life, so allow yourself to discover your unique way of connecting to spirit, to source, of making meaning out of life, and trust your innate ability to navigate your beautiful, magical life.

About my Drums...

Discover your connection to the Earth, through the resonance of the drum.


Drums are a powerful medicine!  I focus on 3 things when making my drums or taking you through the process of making your own.

Firstly we Honour our drums and the energies that come together to create them.  The tree is honoured and celebrated for its energy, its life and the beauty it brings to the frame of our drum.  The Animal is honoured and celebrated for its energy and gifts that it brings, and for contributing the resonance of our drum.

Secondly my drums are musically well tuned.  Medicine drums by their nature are effected by the weather, however with careful tensioning you can minimise how much warming or cooling they may need.  A flat drum is no fun to play, nor is it a healing resonance.  

Thirdly, my drums are well made, I take the great care, to make each drum beautiful.  Beauty brings such joy to life, it fills our hearts with joy and lightness.  I hope each drum brings great beauty to those that both see and hear them.


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