Welcome to Spirit Drum!  

My name is Tamaryn and I welcome you to a place of Creativity and Discovery.  

Spirit Drum is the culmination of my journey and my calling.  For as long as I can remember I was tapping on every surface I came into contact with, and when finally at 17 I was handed my first drum, there was no putting it down.  The rhythm and remembering poured out of me, and it has been at the centre of my Medicine and Earth Walk ever since.

The Sacred Drum and it's Medicine is incredibly vast, it is an incredible Spirit Ally that assists us in so many ways.  It helps us access healing, clarity, grounding. It helps us connect to our Spirit, to other realms, and as many studies now prove, it is incredibly beneficial to our state of mind and overall health and happiness.

My passion lies in 2 main areas.  


Firstly I am an artist and I love to create beauty!  

Visual beauty, Audio beauty and Energetic beauty!

I love making drums, but the real joy comes from Birthing a Beautiful drum, that sounds amazing and that has a deep and direct connection to Source, the Unique Spirit of the Drum

and to the Land on which we walk, dance and sing and play.

You will discover a wide range of different types of drums from around the world.  I offer more traditional style Hoops drums, as well as Resonator drums from Siberia, Crystal Mother drums, Ceremonial drums, Tuneable drums, Ocean drums and more. 

My second passion is the playing of drums, the deep connection that they offer, singing with them, and allowing their heart beat to transport me to amazing places.  It is in the playing of them that their voices are heard and their magic is shared.  They help us access connection through the resonance and vibration of our intention.

And so my Second passion is the teaching of Drum Medicine, Drum lore, Playing your drum, Playing and singing, Drum circle facilitation, Shamanic practice and so much more.

It is my deepest desire to share with you the Magic and Connection that I have discovered through the Drum.  Remember that you have everything you need within you, trust your inner guidance, your heart.

At this time in history, there are so many paths to choose from, at times it can be confusing and overwhelming.  But your path, your journey, your Earth Walk can only be determined by You, so trust yourself, listen within and know that your path is unique to you.  Accept that which resonates, allow that which does not to go.


Drum Medicine is a pathway to access your inner guidance, to release built up energy, to connect with the unseen worlds and to harmonise your field and being.

If you feel drawn, I welcome you, if you do not, I wish you well on your path.


Blessings and Drum beats,


About my Drums...

Discover your connection to the Earth, through the resonance of the drum.


Drums are a powerful medicine!  I focus on 4 things when making my drums or taking you through the process of making your own.

Firstly we Honour our drums and the energies that come together to create them.  The tree is honoured and celebrated for its energy, its life and the connection it offers to the plant kingdom.  The Animal is honoured and celebrated for its energy and gifts that it brings, and for connecting us with the animal kingdom.  

Secondly my drums are musically well tuned.  Medicine drums by their nature are effected by the weather, however with careful tensioning you can minimise how much warming or cooling they may need.  A flat drum is no fun to play, nor is it a healing resonance.  

Thirdly, my drums are well made, I take great care, to make each drum beautiful.  Beauty brings such joy to life, it fills our hearts with joy and lightness.  I hope each drum brings great beauty to those that both see and hear them.

And finally, each drum has a unique Spirit.  I open to the spirit of the drum and  energetically weave all the elements and energies together.