Frequently asked questions

Choosing my Drum

What size drum is best for me?

When choosing the right size drum, you need to ask a few questions. What will I use my drum for? Will I be drumming for a long time, or a short time? Do I need a big base sound? The standard drum sizes are 14", 16" and 18". 14" is a great travel drum, or if you need to drum for a longer time. It is light and easy to use, they will generally have less base than larger drums, but they still sound great. They are great for song circles and journey's. 16" drums are a great all rounder drum, they have a deeper base than a 14", but are still light enough to drum for long periods and work well for song circles, sound healing and journey's. 18" drums are very grounding and have great deep resonance. They are heavier to hold for long periods and as such will take more muscles to hold for long periods. They are great for sound healing, grounding and song circles. It is also important to consider your own size and strength with choosing a drum.

Why Egg Shaped Drums?

The Shape of your drum has a lot to do with what you like. The Egg shape offers you 2 slightly different tones. All drums however have different tones around the drum, and each drum has it's own "Sweet Spot", that you will discover. The Egg is a representation of fertility and life. It holds within it the blueprint of it's creation, protected my the shell until the creation is formed enough to be released to the outside world.

What are Resonators?

Resonators originate in Siberia. They are small to large pieces of wood that are placed on the outside of the hoop, under the skin. They help to increase the resonance of the drum, which is increaseing the length of the vibration. This is great for sound healing, but also if you want to increase the reach of your drum.

Choosing your Tree Energy (Hoop)

Choosing your Hide Type

Do we offer Vegan Drums?

Drum Care

Drum Sounds


How many sides?

Our Rattles come in many different shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to know the difference and what may be right for you. Below I have addressed the differences... 1. How many sides? We have Rattles and Rattle making kits with 2 sides, 3 sides, 4 sides and 5 sides. When choosing how many sides, there are a couple of factors. 3, 4 and 5 sided rattles have a more sphereical shape, and allow for ease of spiral energy when using them. This means that if you want to spiral energy in or out, they make it really easy. The number sides are also associated wtih different energies: 2 sided - Duality, Yin/yang, Balance. 3 sided - Trinity factor, creativity, inspiration 4 sided - Foundations and stability, bringing spirit into form, inner wisdom 5 sided - Freedom in action, it is the four in movement around the central point. The more sides the longer your rattle will take to make.

Rattle Size

Rattles come in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. The Small 3 sided rattle is great for a small travel rattle or for a baby rattle. The large 3 sided rattles or Medium 5 sided rattles are our largest, and will have the greatest sound.

How to Blanket Stitch Rattles

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