Drum Lore Keepers Apprenticeship Program

A Network of Drum Lore Keepers

It is in the Heart Beat that we discover our essence,

In following the Drum Beat we remember the way.

It is through the Vibration that we awaken our knowing,

And in the Stillness, that we light the way.


The Great Thunderbird by Selladorra

Answering the Call

Drum Medicine is at the essence of my being, the depth of which I don't know if I will every truely know.  

The Rhythm, the Drum have called me all my life and when I got handed my first drum at 17, the excitement that filled me was amazing, mind you the nervousness matched the excitement.  All my insecurities jumped in front of me, as if trying to test my resolve.  But the knowing within me that this was my path was too strong.  And although the first beat of the drum was awkward and uncertain, with each beat that followed my memory came too.  And the rhythm began to flow, it flowed out of me as though I had been drumming all my life, and it hasn't stopped since.  

Thunderbird watches over my work, he is the great awakener, the giant eagle-like bird that brings about great change, great awakening.  At this incredible time in history, as we release the old and usher in the new world, so many are awakening to their true potential and who they truely are.  Awakening with guidance and holding is a beautiful experience, but awakening without guidance can be a maze of ups and downs, confusion and enlightenment.  As a Drum Lore Keeper, our calling is to hold space, to guide and teach and to lead by example.  We hold the sacred medicine of the drum, of the Heart Beat of the Earth, the Mother Energy.


The Vision

Many moons ago I was given a beautiful glimpse into the future.  I was shown what this amazing work may look like once it unfolds and manifests into its full beauty.  

It began with Uluru, the heart of this amazing land.  On the Earth sat many bothers and sisters, in a circle all around her.  Each soul held a hoop drum, and as they played, the song lines began to radiate out from Uluru, passing under each person, where they sat.  The Song lines all ran towards the coast in all directions, and as they moved they divided and spread out across the whole land.  Along each of these lines were "Drum lore Keepers", with their Crystal Mother Drums.  Some held circles, others did sound healing, some worked with animals, others with the land and learning.  There was a network across the land, all connected, all in presence and connection with the heart of this great land.  The Heart beat connects us!

The vision is one of connection, support, unity, while still allowing for the individuals to walk their path, and express their unique talents and interests.  

This path is for you, if you can see that vision and want to be apart of it.  If we desire to create a world of beauty and connection, then we must come together in our truth, our realness, being ready to open our hearts, and be who we are in each moment.  If we hold each other with the same gentleness and kindness that we desire to be held with, then in times to come we will experience the world we so desire.

The Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship is a 3 year program including both online modules and in person intensives.

Our first year covers the foundations of Drum Lore. This year is focused on your personal journey.  It helps build the skills and tools that you need to practice drum medicine.  A core aspect of the work is the Medicine Wheel, we use an adaption of the sweet medicine teachings that has been channeled through specifically for the Southern Hemisphere.

Year 1 - Foundations

  • Craft 10 beautiful Medicine Drums, using different materials and techniques, in a range of sizes.

  • Discover different types of drum beaters and learn to craft premium double sided beaters.

  • Learn the foundations of Drum Lore, and the many ways in which you can use your drum.

  • Learn to drum and sing along with a range of Medicine Songs.

  • Learn to craft powerful Shamanic Rattles.

  • Discover the Medicine Wheel teachings and how to balance your 4 bodies.

  • Create your medicine bundle

  • Learn to Journey with the drum, while discover the many worlds of the unseen realms.

  • Explore the many aspects of Drum Medicine to discover your calling.

Year 2 - Facilitation

Our Second year focuses on facilitation and advanced drum making. You will learn to facilitate a range of workshops, from drum making, to drumming, shamanic journeying and much more.  This year you get to begin stepping out into the world to share the knowledge you have embodied in the first year.

Year 3 - Personalised Pathway

Our Second year focuses on facilitation and advanced drum making. You will learn to facilitate a range of workshops, from drum making, to drumming, shamanic journeying and much more.  This year you get to begin stepping out into the world to share the knowledge you have embodied in the first year.

  • Learn to Facilitate Drum making Workshops and Retreats

  • Learn to Facilitate Rattle Making

  • Facilitate Drum and Song circles

  • Facilitate Drum Journey work

  • Discover Advanced Drum making techniques 

  • Craft Inipi (sweat lodge) drums, facilitator drums, Resonator drum and more

  • Facilitate Medicine Wheel circles

  • Facilitate Ceremony creation and earth/land clearing

  • Learn to facilitate Drum making workshops and retreats.

  • Learn to facilitate Rattle making workshops.

  • Learn to hold song and drum circles.

  • Facilitate Drum Journeys.

  • Facilitate Medicine Wheel Teaching workshops.

  • Advanced drum making techniques, including Inipi (sweat lodge drums), Resonator drums, Tuneable drums.

  • Land Clearing and Earth work.

  • Personalise your pathway.

On completion of the Drum Lore keepers Training, you may be offered to join the Spirit Drum team.

You will also join our network of Drum Lore Keepers and be offered continuous learning opportunities exclusive to graduates as well as yearly Recharging Retreats.​

Drums on Sand

Student Shop

 Due to the vast amount of materials needed for this course, we understand that the cost may be prohibitive for some.  We have come up with a great way for you to start earning money from the very first year.

Our Student shop offers you an opportunity to sell your creations as you go.  Any creations that you wish to sell in the student shop will be assessed by Tamaryn and priced accordingly.  All profits from the sales of the drum minus a small hosting fee can either go towards offsetting your fees or you can receive the funds into your bank account.