Drum and Song Journey

through the Sacred Wheel of Life

 - Online Course -

A traditional slavic shaman girl beating

Do you have a drum and never play it?

Do you want to regain your Voice?

Do you wish you knew how to Drum and Sing at the same time? 

Do you want to bring more harmony and balance into your life?

The Drum offers us a deep connection to the Earth and to our own Heart Beat.  It gives us a great opportunity to find our Center in the chaos of the world.  At this time with so much change in the world it is important for us to stay grounded and connected and it is time to use the tools we have been given and not leave them hanging on the wall.


Together with our Drums, Our Voice is our very own instrument, gifted to us in our Mothers womb and expressed for the first time at birth.  It is connected to our Power and allows us to express our truth.  Everything in the Universe resonates and Our Voice allows us to be part of that Song.


In this online course we bring together the Magic of the Drum and Song to explore the Sacred Wheel of life. Sometimes called the Medicine wheel, and found in almost every corner of the world, the Sacred Wheel of Life teaches us Balance and Harmony.  It helps us understand ourselves and the cycles of life more deeply. This Deep dive into the Sacred Wheel of life will allow you to explore, discover and bring more balance to your world through the powerful medicine of the Drum and Sacred Song.

This course is for anyone wishing to embody the sacredness of healing sound into their daily life.  Awaken your voice, Awaken your rhythm and discover the ancient wisdom of the Sacred Wheel.

For this course you will need a drum, any kind will work.  A frame drum is ideal, but you can learn all the beautiful rhythms and songs on a djembe or even a Tamborine.  


The course includes the following:


Weekly Video/Audio lessons

Weekly visualisation or spirit journey

Printable workbooks for self reflection and Art Therapy Practice.

Weekly Song Video to help you practice the rhythms and songs.

Fortnightly Live Q & A sessions.


Each Month (moon - 4 weeks) has a different theme/topic where we will explore that direction, the archetypes associate with it, the types of songs, sacred herbs, element and teachings.  

We discover our:

Inner Warrior and Power songs

Inner Healer and Healing songs

Inner Teacher and Celebration songs

Inner Visionary and Inspiration songs

Mother Earth Songs

Father Sky Songs

Through self reflection and Art Therapy practices you will discover where you sit within the Sacred Wheel of life and explore your journey more deeply.

My Story:

I grew up in South Africa, always wanting to drum, but it was not to be, until after I had immigrated to Ireland and found myself in Texas of all places for a 2 week holiday, where I met a kindred soul who handed me my first Drum.  I never looked back, it was my medicine, the drum spoke to me, the Rhythms came easily and it so much a part of me that it was not seperate from me.  I then Immigrated to Australia at 17 years of age.  I finished school and continued to drum.  I loved to sing but as most people I had wounding around my voice, this was a journey of trust and sheer bull-headedness to not care what others thought, and the more I sang the more my voice opened up and the more I realised that singing was not about "what I sounded like" and was more about "how I felt when I sang", how it connected me to the Sacredness of life.  I then went on to study Art and Transpersonal Art Therapy and Kinesiology and began teaching kids to discover their own Rhythm and drumming for healing workshops.  As a result I needed more drums, and so I began making them.  Within the first Month I made 10 djembe's and was well on my way to understanding this amazing art form.  I soon discovered that the adults craved drumming more than the kids, and so I started my first "Discover your Inner Rhythm" weekly sessions, where we learnt to listen within and find that innate rhythm within us all.   I then made my first Medicine/hoop drum and I fell in love.  This was different work, it wasn't as Yang as the Djembe, it had a quieter more feminine touch, although no less powerful.  My Art Therapy had been based on Shamanic Practices, and I was no stranger to the esoteric, having being brought up with a very alternative family.  I have also had the great honour of many Wise teachers along the way that life has presented to me, teachers who lived and learnt with tribe in the North America's, who have guided me through my Shamanic Practice and learnings, and that still do to this day.  

I have been a Drummer and Drum maker now for the last 17 years.  It is my passion, my love, it is an intricate part of who I am.  I have been so blessed to have had a rich and diverse life, with so many amazing tools and teachings to get me through the tough times and to bring a great depth and meaning to my life. I have been gifted with an amazingly supportive partner and 3 gorgeous children, and so I continue my journey around the Wheel. 

After many years of taking people through Drum making and Shamanic studies and hearing too many people tell me their drums sit on the wall not being played.  I have brought this course together so that I can share the Magical Resonance with others who are ready to embrace it.

I look forward to sharing with you these incredible teachings in a fun and creative way, through Music and Art.