Golden Wing Smudgefan

Golden Wing Smudgefan


This beautiful winged fan 


She is made from driftwood  and a brown cuckoo-dove wing painted gold.


The Brown Cuckoo-dove sometimes also called the pheasant dove due to it's long tail, combines these two energies beautifully.  It combines the energy of the dove, of peace, transcendance and hope and compassion to the power of attraction.  She reminds us to be the energy we wish to attract in our lives, remembering that the outer world is simply a reflection of ourselves.  When  we hold the energy of compassion, love and peace, we attract those qualities into our lives.


Please note that all wings, feathers etc are recieved from the birds and Great spirit.  This bird was found in my garden.  A ceremony was performed to bless the spirit of the bird, and the wing taken in respect and honour so that the energy of this amazing totem could continue to spread it's love and be used for ceremonial purposes.