Sweetgrass Braid - 45cm

Sweetgrass Braid - 45cm


In Many traditional cultures, herbs were burnt to clean and clear people and spaces.

Burning these herbs helps clean and clear the energy field of stagnant and unwanted energies. And has also been found to kill 99% of airborn bacterias and viruses.


Sweetgrass is traditionaly harvested by the grandmothers and women sit in circle as they braid and share the wisdom of sweetgrass.

As it's name suggests, Sweetgrass brings in the sweetness of life. It attacts good spirits and positive energies.  It is suggested that you first burn White or Desert Sage as this brings in the protective factor first.  Then Sweetgrass can bring in the sweetness into your life.


This Sweetgrass is Grown in California and is Sustainably harvested in compliance with CA PC384(a)

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